Adventure Park Terme Tuhelj


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Adventure Park Terme Tuhelj

The adventure park offers entertainment and a special challenge. Test the limits of your endurance on low and high elements using special equipment that will help you overcome the obstacles. Each individual assesses the difficulty of the task and often surpasses the limits of his or her own abilities with plenty of fun, laughter, and excitement.

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For the escape from daily routine and obligations we recommend a program, which will fill your batteries. The number of riding terrains in Croatian Zagorje is great, and if you ride into any corner, the experience of landscape beauty, finely ruffled hills with mosaic forests, vineyards, Zagorje villages and fields, partially separated by river valleys, is unspeakable. Picturesque and hilly Croatian Zagorje is suitable for cycling. Zagorje abounds in tourist-recreational cycling routes that are adapted for the widest range of users, with a special accent on recreational cyclists, families with kids and juniors. If you are looking for something different, the greatest pleasure is to watch Zagorje from a balloon or just to come and enjoy a family picnic on a meadow and run barefoot over the mowed fragrant grass.