Vuglec Breg


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Vuglec Breg

The pleasant atmosphere of the restaurant is the perfect place for a magnificent gastronomical experience. The restaurant is decorated in a traditional style and our open fireplace and the thatched roof terrace provide a feeling of a warm and cozy atmosphere. It offers a culinary experience at the restaurant "Pri Kleti", and specialties from granny Roza’s bread-oven, such as various types of homemade bread, Zagorje turkey, leg of lamb, geese, štrukli,...


We could not consider Zagorje a fairytale if it didn’t have anything to offer to the plates craving for traditional and homemade specialties. And the numerous carefully chosen Zagorje specialties and their tastes and aromas keep reminding us of the time spent in Zagorje. From the Zagorje turkey with mlinci, a traditional dish resembling pasta, to pumpkin pie and zlevanka.