About Me

I am supposed to introduce myself, but you'll probably learn more about me from reading what I write in my travel blog. But in case you are still left wanting more, here you go.

I am a single mom of the 2 best kids in the world, an avid traveller, a science geek, keeper of all trivial knowledge, Disney fan, and animal caregiver. I love to be outside, and enjoy spending time exploring in nature. My heart has a special place for animals of all kinds.

I have 2 professional identities: I am an educator and I am a travel consultant. At first they may seem like completely different career paths, but they share a common thread. I love helping people learn. In school, I help children learn skills that will take them through their education and beyond. As a travel consultant I help people learn to take risks and try new things. I help people nurture themselves, because they deserve it.

Why should you book your travel with me?

  • Travel is more complicated than ever. I know the entry requirements for various countries and I will make sure you know exactly what you need before you travel.
  • Your time is valuable. I will call the resorts and tour companies and spend hours on hold, so you don't have to.
  • Your vacation time is valuable. You want to get the most out of your vacation time. 
  • You want to create memories, for the right reasons. When we work together you will end up with the vacation that meets your needs.
  • You spend your time taking care of others, now let someone else take care of you. 

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Trainings and Certifications:

Disney's College of Knowledge 2020

Universal Studios Specialist 2020

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